Redd Photo Podcast

Redd Photo Podcast - 16: I'm Anchoring So Hard

Here I talk about my return to Anchor. I have been having a fantastic time talking about photography and life on the platform. It has been pushing my creative buttons! Here are collection of my Anchors from the last 24 hours.

Redd Photo Podcast - 10: O' Art Where Art Thou?

Here I share my thoughts on if a silent song is indeed art, Instagram photos of feet in various 'hip' situations, and I metaphorically squeeze some high quality and potentially racist orange juice out of a few photos. Enjoy!

Redd Photo Podcast - 09: Don't Have A Camera? Use Grass!

Here I begin with talking about two artists who grow grass into insanely detailed portraits using science. Whoa that's neat! Then I take a look at a few photos, some by me and some not, and squeeze out their value like one squeezes a lemon. Enjoy the lemon juice!

Redd Photo Podcast - 05: The Everything And Nothing Photographer

Redd Photo V2.jpg

Here I share my thoughts about "anchorless" photos. No these are not referring to photos without anchors in them. That would be a short podcast. I would be like "find an anchor". Could You imagine. No this is about photos without a sense of focus and purpose. These photos tend to fall into the basket of photos to scroll past. I talk about why I think that happens and how to overcome it if You want to have photos that are deeply engaging.

Redd Photo Podcast - 03: Photographer Michael Duke

Here I have a conversation with street photographer Michael Duke. We talk about how Michael grew his craft to what it is today and we discuss the power of street photography to create empathy. We also talk about Michael's dream to have a photo exhibition in a laundromat.

Redd Photo Podcast - 02: Photographer Katie Fenske

Here I have a lively conversation with photographer Katie Fenske. Katie shoots suburban landscapes and shares them to her Instagram profiles. One profile being only iPhone photos. She is rather prolific in her photography and she is very much driven by pure enjoyment of the craft.

Redd Photo Podcast - 01: Inspiration

In this first episode I say hello and rant about inspiration in the creative process. The process of creating is often perceived as a zen experience where You turn on Bon Iver and achieve a state of maximum consciousness. In reality that experience closer describes getting high and generating little output than actually creating something meaningful. While elements of that experience are welcome in a proper creative flow, without structure the creative process is little more than good vibes and if You're lucky an Instagram photo of a hipster riding a bike that You captured at the park because You happened to have Your camera and a long lens that day. Anyway, enjoy the podcast!